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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 19, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >> good evening i'm dan ashley.
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we start with the breaking news in the south bay. search for missing little boy. police tracking using tracking dog to comb the streets of san jose neighborhood where 7-year-old isaac nash here he is. isaac has asthma and doesn't always carry hisen hailer. now he is four feet tall. 125 pounds. he was wearing a school uniform with a white polo shirt an blue pants and wearing a gray backpack at the time. he was last seen at 2:00 p.m. at the playground at grant elementary school that's at north tenth street near japan town. search continues now for young isaac nash. seven years old. missing without his inhaler and he has asthma. >> well now to new information about a security scare at oakland international airport. transportation security administration thought an artist water carrying material to make a bomb and tonight that man is talking about what happened. vick lee has the story. >>reporter: this is what it looks like. jeffrey's lawyer
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says it's a piece of art that his client designed. >> jeff has created dozens of them. given them to friend. business associates. nieces. nephew. >>reporter: if art is truly in the eye of the beholder the tsa and the sheriffs bomb squad thought it was something more sinister. timing did he advice for a bomb. >> watch had on it toggle switch. a series of fuses. series of wires protruding from it. circuit board. >>reporter: something else made authorities suspicious. his boots which inspectors discovered were stuffed with layers of insole. >> shoes are ugg talk about popular. they had nrivt them and that's not yet against the law. >> i'm in handcuffs and detained and bomb squad. >>reporter: he was arrested and booked at santa rita jail. over the weekend he posted bail of 150,000 dollars. he and his lawyer doug were told today that the da decided not to file
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charges. he says the tsa overreacted. >> jeff arrest and his being thrown into santa rita jail were outrageous. >>reporter: he says he has been traveling with the art piece and similar ones like this with no problems. he says he brought it here for a class he teaches once a week at the academy of art. sheriff's spokesman nelson says bottom line the tsa and the deputy were doing their job. if they found another item like this, they would do the same thing again. >> just because you can make an art watch that look like trigger did he advice for ied like an art replica handgun or art hand grenade doesn't mean it's a good idea to bring it to the airport. >>reporter: he says he supports what the tsa does but believes this went too far. now the tsa says it was simply doing its job finding things that are suspicious. his lawyer says he's going to ask the judge to find his client
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truly innocent and erase the arrest from his record. this is 7 news. >> and also at oakland international airport rate now picket lines going up. it's the beginning of 24 hour strike by port of oakland workers. members of the service employee international union plan to walk pickets lines at the airport and at the port itself. oakland international doesn't expect the strike to impact travel or air services at all. workers say they have been without a contract for 16 months and now they take to the street. pipe replacement work at the refinery in oakland is put on hold after the management officials. chevron began repairs after a damaging fire on august 6. sky 7 hd shows the huge plume of smoke caused by the fire. but today chevron officials verbally agreed to stop the work until all parties involved can agree on the type of pipe material to use. chevron had hoped to get the refinery completely back on line by early next year.
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>> wilt is official. short time ago election officials announced that the alameda county sales tax measure has failed. b 1 warm front raised transportation sales tax from half cent to the a full 1 cent. money would have improved roads and pedestrians and bicycle lanes. it need $2 thirds to pass and lost by just a few hundred votes. two week from tomorrow was election day. the total just now coming in. >> san jose police ask for the public help finding the second suspect involved in a deadly crime spree. san jose police officers and mayor office are teaming up now to get this dangerous criminal off the street. each has put 10,000 dollars up into a rae ward fund to the help catch a murderer. more now from of corina. >> we are very concerned which 80's we are here and enlisting the public help in getting the suspect in custody. >> police officers san jose mayor hope 20,000 dollar reward fund will help get a dangerous criminal off the street.
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26-year-old jonathan willbanks already in custody and this is a sketch of second wanted man with this description. hispanic or african american, 20 to 25 years old 5 foot 10 to 6 pet tall and 1 80 to 200 pounds. >> we know that people know the suspects. we know that somebody has information about this and we need their cooperation. >>reporter: the plea for help comes after a deadly crime spree friday night and included an attempted carjacking that took the life of 22-year-old a string of robbery started at 7:25 at the little caesar pizza on story road. 15 minutes later police say the duo robbed a gas station at east capitol expressway. then held up a jack-in-the-box on kurt avenue before robbing a spa on bird avenue. park was killed at the 7-11 on south kyle boulevard. later the suspect spotted a patrol car with officer who had picked up the trail. >> he followed them for a little way and so for them to jump out and both try to
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basically kill him that is extremely violent criminal. >>reporter: the red lane show the trajectory of bullet into the officer vehicle. one hit of the0 but only resulted in minor injuries and police continued the chase. >> i think it speaks to the bravery of the men and women every single day up there. you can see the car. the belt yet he continued and stayed in the fight and chase the suspect and there when the one person was taken into custody. >>reporter: end result. one suspect caught and one with a 20,000 dollar reward leading to his capture and conviction. large reward fund did paragraph successful in helping find convict a person in the car jacking murder of sundayy. people providing information to the police can also do so anonymously. in sap jose, abc 7 news. federal land management officials are looking for thieves who stole ancient indian petroglyph from rock formation in the eastern sierra. archeologist say the carvings and lava boulders part
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of the landscape for more than 3000 years. investigators say the thieves had to use power saw generators and lad investigators pry 4 carvings lose. it was not easy work. visitors at the site near bishop reported the petroglyph missing on october 31 hallowee halloween. bureau of land management offering 1,000 dollar reward for information leading to arrest in the case. all right let's go over se seas next. conflict between israel and hamas not showing any sign of letting up. death toll sovrd past 100 people in gaza and people there are furious. december pie the anger or perhaps because of it people are not backing down in gaza. we have the report from gaza city. >>reporter: massive explosion as israeli airstrike pounded gaza today. while militant rocket flew into israel. amidst it all. this. tiny
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bodies of the dead as they left the hospital today. carried through the crowd. funeral. we ask all the militant groups to respond to the mass customers this man said. shouldn't talk about a cease fire at all. they were killed sunday by missile that obliterated the 3 story house. killing nip from a single family. israel said it was an accident. in southern is relevant where our matt is reporting, 3-year-old karen play was her try single. until sirens sound. family rushes down to the bomb shelter. 8 members of the family hults together during the explosion. >> what we think was one of the iron dome missile intercepted one of the rocket overhead. big boom. of course everybody ran down right into the bunker. >>reporter: when the siren sound you have just 30 seconds to get to the shelter. family don't leave home schools and
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businesses are closed. just over the border tonight egypt is leading intense international talk to broker a cease fire. in cambodia today president obama worked the phones. calling israel and egypt leaders. but back here between the bombs, children were able to get outside and smile. while others hope for for quiteer time. >> we need peace. we need fees they stop israeli stop i'm sure they will stop. >>reporter: of course it's not that simple. both side say they want peace but blame the other from preventing. >> many hope for peace deal the missiles keep flying. abc news gaza strip. more to bring you here. warning tonight if holiday travel plans include hitting the road. for every drinking driver out there on the highway there may be 2 more who are on drugs behind the wheel and they are harder for the chp to detect. we have the story.
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>> also the 9-year-old girl who escaped -- who by him an internet sensation for her football moves on the field. look at her go. she gets a special day with 49ers and coach harbaugh. >> also sand ya here with the weather. >> it's changing. another storm on the way. when the rain will arrive. timing of the system and when it will exit. holiday forecast coming up. >> nascar first woman pit craw member. how she muscled her way in a male dominated profession. stay with
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>> good news. update now on the missing 7-year-old boy in san jose i told you about. police officers have just found him. he was walking down the street near the playground at his school. he's okay. search called off. young man is fine. with so much attention on stopping drunk drivers especially during the holidays another group of dangerous drivers essentially flying under the police radar. talking about drivers high on drugs. and ascap total correspondent annette explains, new study shows there are now more drug than drunk drivers out there on california roads. fichlt it's becoming a bigger
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problem than it ever had been before. >> it's been suspected for awhile but never quantified just for california until now. new office of traffic safety survey of nip city during friday and saturday night recently concluded more californians are driving unthe influence of drugs than alcoho alcohol. more than double at 14 percent. >> nearly half had marijuana. that was the drug. sometimes it was marijuana plus other drugs or marijuana plus alcoho alcohol. >>reporter: beside illegal drugs the study also found people had prescription and over the counter drugs which can impair driving. the sleep aid linked to some hige accident, ambien. >> he hit it twice pursuing him right now. >>reporter: lo level of the drug found in the bloodstream of former u.s. commerce secretary after string of collision ins southern california this summer. few week later kerry kennedy daughter of robert f crashed north of new york city with generic forum byen in her bloo
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blood. the report conclusion that drug driving probably happens more than drunk drivin driving. mother against drunk driving added drug driving to the campaign because of the rise. >> driving under the influence no longer means just alcohol. it includes alcohol and drugs and combination of both. the result and consequences are really the same. people get arrested or end up dead. >>reporter: advocating recreation use of marijuana are not deterred by the report. drug policy alliance opposes driving while impaired by pot but california numbers shouldn't prevent effort to loosen up law. >> nobody should drive under the impairment of anything. i'm just saying that the risk associated with marijuana and driving are substantially lower than the risk associated with alcohol and with some prescription drugs. >>reporter: state will have more concrete numbers in a few years beginning in 2014 law enforcements will start indicating on dui reports whether case is related to alcohol, drug or both. in sacramento, 7 news.
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here's an amazing story. father son bucket list has turned into a quest to help military veterans. craig and matt grabbed lunch today before the 49ers game in can stichblingt you see they are on a mission to see a game at all 32 nfl stadium this season. at every stop they invite wounded vet are than to join them. >> we get as much out of this as they do because we see them smile and the time they are having so not just giving to them but they give to us big time. >>reporter: yesterday they invited other veterans to the raiders game. hope to ex pan the idea and recruit other people to invite veteran to pro basketball and baseball games. nice gesture. >> this. young football sensation got a real thrill tonight. special guest at the 49ers. on monday night football. you may have seen this video recently. 9-year-old samantha gordon, she's a girl running wild in her youth football league in utah. amazing speed and toughness gained national
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attention after her dad posted the video on you tube. look at her go. niners took notice and welcome sam to the facility yesterday. there she is taking pictures. the team shared the photo. sam got to meet the players and pose for pictures with several of them as well as right there head coach jim harbaugh. that was yesterday. there they are strike the heismann pose how cute is that. and then tonight young samantha got to go to the ball game awfully cool. >> well let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. spencer is off. sandhya is here tonight and beautiful. can't ask for more but it's changing. question is what will thanks giving bring. >> it's dray dan. not talking about the turkey either. >> very good. >> if i'm cooking maybe. no it's absolutely gorgeous out there. so thanksgiving is looking fine but we do have rain coming in before that. all right let me show you live picture rate now. show you what it looks like. dab isn't coming to eat at my house that's for sure. emeryville
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camera looking towards interstate 80 and emeryville. clouds out there but no rain falling across the east bay or san francisco. we do have some sprinkles to show you. let's check out live doppler 7 hd writ now and show you where we are seeing a couple of spring else right around the clover dale area. also ukiah reported trace amount of light rain. we have our own radar located on mount saint helena keeping you ahead of the storm as the nt storm on its way. rate now it's situated at least the steady rain up to crescent city where the winds really howling out of the south. tomorrow do look for the rain to spread across the entire bay area but it all will begin overnight tonight so temperatures right now in the 50's and 60's. pretty mild today. showers in the north bay tonight. we look at rape spreading south on tuesday and the showers will diminish by wednesday around midday. so things are looking good. if you have travel plans. tomorrow morning do look for temperatures to be in the upper 40's to low 50's and notice
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most of the wet weather is still up to the north but that will be changing as the day goes on. this cold front unlake some of the other ones is very slow moving so right now it's bringing steady rape to the pacific northwest. far northern end of california. here's what is going to happen. show you the computer animation starting at 11:00 p.m. we could see a few drop up in the north bay. showers remain confined to the north at 5:00 a.m. for your morning commute. rest of the renal looking at cloud. then the rain will start to spread by noon time across the rest of the bay area but the steadiest of the rain will come into the north bay still at 5:00 p.m. eventually starts to make its way south ward by around midnight wednesday and then out of here pretty early on. wed at 5:00 a.m. morning commute or morning get away does not look very good but if you wait several hours things will improve pretty quickly and get away should be just fine as you can see here on our computer animation. rainfall total like this highest in the north bay up to 2 inches. starts to drop
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off as you head soul. everyone else pretty much in between this high snow level with the system so rain snow mix for the tahoe area. windy tuesday wednesday. snow level down to 7500 feet by wed. thursday thanksgiving if heading there is dry. tomorrow afternoon we lack at some wet roadway so especially in the north bay take umbrella head out the doo door. temperatures upper 50's to upper 60's. rain will be last into the monterey bay so another mild one with low to upper 60's. accu-weather 7 day forecast rain giving way to morning showers wednesday then dry for thanksgiving. even beyond that black friday is going to be nice and sunny. warm as we head into saturday near 70 degrees cooling off a little bit sunday monday but looking great for the holiday week. other than this one bit of rain coming through here. >> one little blemish. >> that's right. >> thanks very much. >> as we continue tonight. forget about stress over career. why men may hard wired to have a mid life crisis. to have a mid life crisis. stay with us. mçó4+y?i
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>> sting operation under way here. upped cover detectives are hunting down fake review and shaming the businesses paying for them. so how can you tell what is authentic out there and what is a phoney. cecelia has the clues. >> there is some serious cybershadyness going on. businesses trying to pay for their own positive on line review to boost their bottom line. but now one well known company is cracking down. >> one jewelry stories paying someone 200 dollars. >>reporter: must be good review. >> this is ongoing cat and mouts game. people try to game the system. >>reporter: very powerful system. yelp gets more than 71 million visitors a month. but now yelp is taking on a new
9:26 pm
role. detective. using the own undercover employees and top secret computer filter to spot fake. >> this is not typical behavio behavior. it's probably illegal. we think we need to let business owners know you can't go out there and myself lead your consu. >>reporter: here's how it works. they say this los angeles moving company posted on craigslist i'm willing to pay you 50 dollars if you can write and post review for my business. yelp employee posing as writer for hire replies i'm interested then they display the evidence for all to see. kind of scarlet letter of the internet age. that company didn't return our calls. but this san francisco scavenger hunt business let us right in. why would you feel the need to ask somebody to write a fake review. >> it makes it easier for people to find you. >>reporter: owner plan back fired. >> busted in the sting. yelp police. >>reporter: by some estimate as many as 30 percent of on line review are complete fake.
9:27 pm
from hotel to toys to books. how do you spot them? here are the clue. truthful review often talk about physical space using specific details like floor and small. fake reviewer often talk mainly about themselves and companion. word like husband can be read nrachlingt as for joe. was that dishonest in any way. >> yes i guess it was a little bit. >>reporter: was it worth doing. >> no. no. >>reporter: this is abc news san francisco. >> south bay charity juggling last minute turkey donation as it hands out the thanksgiving food boxes to hundreds of families. sacred heart community service in san jose is expected to hand out 4000 turkey but this morning it was still about 1,000 short. as people heard the news, the turkey started coming in. >> makes me feel grateful and honored because it's like it's so awesome. >>reporter: sacred heart community service and other
9:28 pm
charity still accepting donations for christmas as well. and there are a lot of people who need help this time of year. we have a complete list of organizations which need your donation. go to our web site and look under see it on tv. okay more to bring you tonight. the battle of the back up quarterbacks. >> if big arm. the down the side line. >> 49ers sure seem to have the edge in tonight's game. sports director larry has all that for you later in sports. >> and the abc 7 news eye team track down bay area man posing as a war hero. >> do you wish you hadn't done that? >> we also talk to man who dedicated his career to the finding the phonies. finding the phonies. >> intel says goodbye
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>> navy seals long been regarded as hero of course and deservedly so but since they took down osama bin laden last year the number of people posing as navy seals has really soared. we track down one such imposter and tonight dan has a story he first broke last night on 7 news at 11:00. >>reporter: members of the navy special operation force the seals launch a daring nighttime raid killing osama bin laden. they rescue a ship captain from somali pirates killing 3 of them with simultaneous head shots fired from goat boat. such exploit add to the legend of the navy seals but also have sparked a surge in the number of imposters. >> make no mistake seals are the no. 1 targeted group in this country for imposters. everybody is a navy seal. >>reporter: he's a real retired navy seal who runs a training camp in virginia. prep course for young man plan to go become seals and for others who just want to test
9:33 pm
themselves. but he has also made it his life mission to expose the phonies. >> this goes deep for you. why. >> you two to the memorial services i'm tired of going to them. they are tough. this is a cut above guys and they deserve that. we have lost a lot of guys. i'll honor them. i'll go after them. >>reporter: he receives tips about seal imposter from across the country. and he check the name against this confidential database. list of all 18,000 men who serve add navy seals or who even passed base you can under water demolition seal training. he received a tip from the bay area. about 48-year-old ike dinsmoore. he didn't appear in the seal database. i confirmed with the naval special wear fair he never participated in seal training but he plastered his physical military history on
9:34 pm
web sites. what do people get out of putting their name on a resume. >> respect. head of the line. when you put the 4 letters former retired on job resume it opens door. >>reporter: he took it further claiming to be a highly decorated veteran of navy seal team 1 with silver star, bronze star, 3 purple hearts, 2 presidential unit citation and 6 navy accommodations t. >> starts running straight up my skirt. throw that impressive resume down there and add the seal claims then you can't even spell commendation and roo write down accommodation i'm not sure you served. >>reporter: during one of the training camp he reached dinsmoore on the cell phone grilled him about the service and poked holes in the story. >> i'll be seeing you soon. >> look my web said is extreme seal i'm right here in chesapeake, virginia. i see you are out in california
9:35 pm
i hope you make it thought way. he didn't back down. >> no. a lot of them don't. the they will take that thing to the grave with them. >>reporter: so the team returnede1 to the bay area to investigate. speak with dinsmoore former co-workers. various tell communication company. stan says his colleague reacted with skepticism to dinsmoore tales of being a navy seal. >> didn't add up. he's not long and lanky like most seals. he's short and squat this guy looked like he was more of a couch potato than navy seal. >>reporter: it was easy to dismiss him until he considered the bigger he shall. >> i just think that he's stealing from the legitimate military veterans that could use a job by posing. >>reporter: when i reached dinsmoore by phone he refused to answer any questions or sit down for an interview. so i tracked him to his menlo park home. i need to talk to you about your navy seal background is it true you are a navy seal.
9:36 pm
you are going to the va rate now? really. were you ever in the military? i followed dinsmoore to the palo alto department of veterans affair where he's receiving services. i couldn't confirm what kind of services because of privacy laws. dinsmoore wouldn't say. my freedom of information act request to the national personnel record center in st. louis confirms did i know more did serve in the military. he's no navy seal. he never even served in the navy but in the army. do you apologize for posing as navy seal? >> apologies for a lot of things. >>reporter: how about posing as navy seal. do you wish you hadn't done that. in all my research one thing i learned about navy seals. unless you become good friends, you probably wouldn't know if you ever met one. the they don't brag. fichlt it would take you 5 questions to find i was a seal. what do you do i'm rae tired. retired from what. i'm retired navy. whale ship were you on. i wasn't on a ship. where were you stationed. little creek. what did you di
9:37 pm
did. i was a seal. >> they believe you are disrespecting the memory of those who served fought and died. what do you say to that? >> i think they are all good guys. >>reporter: they don't feel the same but. don tells me he gets between 20 and 50 tips day about fake navy seals. i'm checking out more. if you have someone you suspect call me at this number on the screen. or e-mail me through abc 7 new for the i team, dan, abc 7 news. >> new study shows that more teenagers using muscle enhancing product to get an edge in sports. finds that 1 in 3 teen boys is using protein powder to build muscle massnd 6 percent of teen boys admit to using steroids among girls 21 percent say they use protein powder and shakes. >> people not the only ones who good through mid life crisis apparently. new research shows that some great april also go through an emotional funk in the middle adult years.
9:38 pm
british study done on chimp and orangatan in captivity. finding suggest human discontent could be a factor of evolution an not simply a product of modern life. interesting. >> well still to come. nascar has seen few women drivers at the elite level but never before has a woman muscled her way into the extremely physically demanding position in the pit. until now. you in the pit. until now. you will get
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9:40 pm
9:41 pm
. >> maker of ho, ho, and twivrngee not going out of business just yet. hostess agreed to enter private mediation with lender and second largest union. hostess claimed the operation was
9:42 pm
crippled by a baker strike and planned to sell off the assets in bankruptcy court. process won't happen for the time bein being. >> big surprise at intel tonight. chief executive paul is stepping down. 3 years before the company mandatory retirement age of 65. some think it's because he's had trouble getting intel chip and smart phones and tablet into smart phone and tablets. >> national association of realtor today said that sales of previously owned homes went up in october and the pace of sales is 11 percent higher than last year. also confidence among builders at a 6 year high. >> in the mean time there is a surplus of houses in spain and now the spanish government has an idea about how to sell some of the more than 7 husz,000 up sold houses that are helping to drug downs country economy. offer permanent residencey to any foreigner who is willing to buy a house or apartment worth more than 200,000 dollars. the plan is expected to be approved
9:43 pm
in the coming weeks. >> all right. now to the front-lines of nascar auto races and woman breaking new ground in the sport proving that she can do whatever it takes to keep the car out there on the road. here's steve. >> revolution happening in nascar today. and her name is christmas. you are the real deal. >> i think so. you know you can't really fake strength. >>reporter: while the track certainly seen a few women drivers elite levels. never before has a woman muscled her way into one of the physically demanding role in the pit. where less than 12 seconds they fuel the car and change the tires. it's a crucial job in multi-billion dollar business. few extra seconds at a pit stop and the driver loses. >> i just like the way she moves around a car. >>reporter: 30-year-old christmas is that special woman with working the front tire
9:44 pm
position in the recorded practice that they study each night her time are within million i second of the big league. she was recawted after an audition. she's so competitive she was drawn to high stake of racing. the 5 foot 3. let's take a look. >> these are heels on. >>reporter: but don't let her look fool you. these incredible brand of athlete. built her body through intense work out and crazy competition like this on one. carrying 125 pound friend with 1 arm and 70 pound dump bell with the other. twice her weight. >> my body is developing in this very precise machine where whatever i want to do. ultimately i will be able to. >>reporter: at first the pit craw coach wasn't so sure. >> to be honest with you i thought it was publicity stunt and i wanted no part of it. i think i was convinced when i saw her. >>reporter: christmas has her detractor in the garage. men who whisper she won't last. and who appreciate her for all
9:45 pm
the wrong reasons. but she doesn't care. >> i feel in like i'm bringing something huge to the sport but this is ultimately much bigger than me. i find that those things that scare you most are the most rewarding once you have conquered them. >>reporter: this is abc news charlotte. go christmas pretty cool. >> how do you rid a bus with a kayak? simple. at least it is when bay area company has something to do with it. that story as 7 news
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>> weather looking pretty good around the bay area and the state. sandhya is tracking it but changes are coming. >> indeed. state wide temperatures tomorrow. heading to los angeles about looking good. 72 agrees. sunshine. hay clouds. 59 at yosemite.
9:49 pm
up towards eureka a first sign of change. rainfall there is 60 degrees in dense fog advisory in fresno where it is 70 by afternoon. but watch out for the fog in the morning. tomorrow afternoon here in the bay area temperatures in the upper 50's to the upper 60's. rain in the north bay by early afternoon. it will spread across the rest of the bay area later in the afternoon and heading into the evening. accu-weather 7 day forecast timing couldn't be better. showers wednesday morning then all done. dry for the rest of the travel day on wednesday. thanksgiving is dry. black friday for those of you getting up early to shop. it's on the chilly side in the morning but at least it's dry. won't be lugging bags through wet weather and dry heading in the weekend. >> i'll be lugging bags. >> i don't know if you are going somewhere. you will be shopping some people will be. >> thanks very much. >> this next story speaks to ingentlemen gnaw ty on couple front this kayak folds out only when you need it to. it weighs just 25 pounds. assemble in a
9:50 pm
matter of minutes. watch it. pretty low tech. it's folded molded again if designers got it right made by san francisco company called of and following the launch on the funding platform kick starter it had already topped at 80,000 dollar fundraising goal so expect to see it out there on the market next year. >> do that to my car so i can park in the city. like the jet son. in your brief case you. now we have something. i don't need a kayak. >> you need a boat or something. maybe they can do it. i don't know. some day. >> we may have just witnessed the start of the frainer back up quarterback for the 49ers. steps in and lights up the steps in and lights up the night against the be
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. we look into the rick of international adoption. you will hear from a family that claims they adopted chirp from app asylum without
9:54 pm
knowing it. dan tracked down the man they say misled them. >> plus big changes at san jose church tonight after convicted child molester was allowed at children festival. those stories and more for you coming up in 1 hour at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. but sports director larry is here. smith down for the count but niners didn't miss a beat. >> things just got whole lot more interesting for the 49ers. now you got to pick a quarterback. let the quarterback controversy begin. collin started in place of smith and shredded one of the best defenses in the league. display add rocket arm and he destroyed the bears along with the rest 0th niners. he was surprised. he felt he was fine recovered from the concussion last week. stunned he wasn't starting. got the call. looked like a veteran. first quarter deep down the field to williams. 57 yard gain and jim harbaugh liking that. next play. to davis. kind of lost in the offense but had 6
9:55 pm
catches. 49ers on top. 10 nothing in flash. davis later say he felt like somebody took the handcuffs off. second quarter. 32 yard gain here to davis. 12 of 15. 184 yards in the first half setting up hun hunter. up the middle. stumble. keeps the leg drivin driving. and crosses the plan plane. niners up 17 nothing. niner defense held the bears to 35 yards in the first half. nfl sack leader had 5 and a half tonight. 15 total for the season. unblockable. up 20 nothing as he bull rush noose the back field on campbell. third quarter. to mario. gain of 37. moments later. this play unbelievable. looks right nothing. ad-lib then fling it into the end zone for michael crabtree touch down. goes 16 of 23 for 243 yards and 2 touch downs. niners robbed 32-7 and improve. mike joins us live
9:56 pm
from the stick who do you start next week in new orleans. >> boy i tell you what, i wanted to see collin play an entire game and i was impresse impressed. mobility arm strength play calling helped. one game doesn't make a career although we asked jim harbaugh afterward who will start next week in new orleans. >> we'll see. the usually tend to go with guys who hased the hot hand. we have 2 quarterback that have got a hot hand. so fv collin did an outstanding job. did a great job. poise in the pocket. pushing the ball. throwing with accuracy. did a nice job. >> just felt good to be back out on the football field playing. i mean i thought we did a good job as offense. put points on the board. came out on top so it was good. >> collin is the man. i think collin did a great job. you know i'm very proud of him. i
9:57 pm
take my hat off to him because he stepped up today. he did some great things out there. to help us win this game. l. >> look like a starter to you. >> did today. >> well hit to be tough for alec to sit and watch this happen but collin said he was very helpful throughout the gale. calm down and take what he sees. going to be an interesting week with the 49ers at the quarterback position so stay tune. reporting live at candlestick, abc 7 sports. >> thank you. >> when the owner comes out and says he's not happy, you know it's bad. raiders owner davis spoke after yesterday loss. he said he's just as frustrated as the fans are watching the rai raiders regrechlts they were 8 and 8 back-to-back seasons then decided on whole sale changes. jackson out as head coach. allen in. new offense. defensive scheme. nothing has worked. injuries have not helped. raiders lost to the saints 38-17 falling to 3 and
9:58 pm
7. >> frustrated. disappointed. you wake up this morning and your gut hurts. when a man gets knocked down man gets up and fights and that's exactly what we intend to do. i understand his frustration. i can appreciate that. the and let me tell you nobody will work any harder to get it corrected than i will. >>reporter: warriors wrapped up a 3 game road trip tonight in dallas. split the fwoyrs games. won minnesota. lost to oklahoma city. big game tonight. dirk hasn't played at all this season. out with knee injury. own the paint put back slam. tight game for about them with the tip here. with authority t.20 for the rookie playing so well. fourth quarter 2 minutes left. tv little runner. 38 seconds lef left. tie at 90. 15 seconds left. barns. 10 foot interthe lane. rebound. thompson. one
9:59 pm
shot don't shoot that. well, he lawchled. he missed but dallas one last chance. carter no. over time. curry leads the way. the drive. the dish. to lee 17 points and 19 board. warriors on the road. nice win. 105-101. 2 point victory over baylor last friday in hawaii stanford women basketball team now ranked no. 1 in the country first tame they have been ranked no. 1 since 2005 in the stanford football team. 17-14 upset over oregon on saturday. new standings. pus tang baby. pack 12 offensive player of the week 11 catches for 106 yards and big one that tied it up with a minute and a half left. >> great night for the 49ers. >> the collin on fire. >>


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